12th World Dōbō Gathering

第12回 世界同朋大会
12a. Convenção Mundial Budista Dōbō

Noriaki Ito
Bishop, Higashi Honganji North America District

The World Dōbō Convention is a gathering of members and ministers of Japan, Hawaii, North America, and South America held every three years.

Next year’s 12th Dōbō Gathering will be held on the weekend of August 27/28, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel Los Angeles/Universal City and at the Los Angeles Betsuin. It is anticipated that approximately 380 people will gather from the three overseas districts and Japan. The theme of the upcoming meeting is Dōbō: Seeking Unity in the Midst of Diversity, with the accompanying slogan, Learning from the Past – Living in the Present – Envisioning the Future. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Mark Unno, associate professor at the University of Oregon (and incidentally, the son of the late Dr. Rev. Taitetsu Unno).

It is an opportunity to make new friends, renew old friendships, to meet together to deepen our understanding of the Buddhadharma, and to learn about the successes and challenges of temples in Japan and in the overseas districts.

We hope that all of the members of our temples join us for this historic event and welcome our Dharma friends from Japan, Hawaii, and South America. It is our wish that this gathering will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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